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Now my friend
you’ve let go all your leaves
and let the wind play
another peace of music for a while

your blood is sleeping
down beneath mother earth’s womb
but the beauty of your soul
reveals to me in a never ending change of costumes

Now my friend
I also sing another song
You shake your naked limbs and call me
“Hello my friend, I’m glad you’re here!”
“Yes my friend, I know you’re here,
I can hear you inside of me,
I can see…
I can feel …”

Dja dje dje duh dha…

Now my brother
It’s time for us to say good bye
To all the good things and the bad things
That we’ve shared
And that never will be again this way
Never will be again…

Dja dje dje duh dha…

Verena Bruckner

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