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Well here we are in 2012,
And we’re all waiting for the end of the world;
And humanity is about to delve,
In the greatest change ever unfurled.
The end is not nigh,
And we won’t all die,
Life will never be the same again;
We either rise up gloriously high,
Or civilisation goes down the drain.

And it’s up to us we all got to choose,
We can all win, or we can all lose;
And all we need to do to rise above,
Is to think of mother earth and to give her love.
Think about our mother and to give her love.

The news media is a hungry beast,
It licks good news and gorges on the bad;
It sees calamity and sees a feast,
So it seams the world goes from bad to worse,
And evil is spreading like a cancer;
But mother earth is not under a curse,
She just needs love cause love’s the answer.

Yes it’s up to us we all got to choose…and to give her love.

The frequencies are rising as time speeds up,
And we can spiritually grow much faster now;
Yes now we can rapidly fill our cup,
We don’t need to worry anyhow;
‘Cause the energies are polarizing fast,
The positive grows stronger with love and trust;
And left on it’s own the negative can’t last,
But these are the choices and choose we must

Because it’s up to us, we all got to choose…and to give her love.

Oh change, change, change, it’s the name of the game,
It is either up or down, there’s no straight ahead;
No society will remain the same,
But not to worry, there’s no need to dread,
Because the good people are coming together,
Stronger and stronger as we move on through;
Moving safely through the stormy weather,
Listening to each intuitive clue.

Yes it’s up to us, we all got to choose…and to give her love.

Dave Hegglun

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