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She has fire in her belly and flowers in her hair,
She’s a star on the telly, she performs everywhere,
She’s our mother in a shawl; she's the lover of us all,
And she's beautiful, yes she's beautiful,
Oh so beautiful, she's so delicious.

There's no creature she can't love, she loves them equally,
She won't set herself above, she's here to feel fully,
Fondly she holds us close, she's the perfect host,
She's just beautiful, yes so beautiful,
So very beautiful, she is so gracious.

Now it seems she is not well, and we thought there's something wrong,
Still she smiles, it’s hard to tell, nothing spoils her morning song,
But gradually it's weaker, though she's not at all meeker;
She's still beautiful, always beautiful,
Stunningly beautiful, she's so precious.

We thought it's something she ate, or a virus going round,
Now we know that's not her fate, for you know what we have found?
She's about to give birth to divinity on earth,
And that's beautiful, yes it's beautiful,
She's glowing beautiful, and we're in awe.

But she really needs us now, she's getting very tired,
We can help, we know how, we've got all that is required,
It’s the love we send her, that's what we need to tender;
To keep her beautiful, she'll stay beautiful,
Even more beautiful, that's what's in store,
To keep her beautiful, ever more beautiful;
Right to the core, would you like to hear more?

Yes we'll keep her beautiful, much more beautiful,
Than ever before, that's what we're here for;
To feel her soar, through that heavenly door,
Forever more.

Dave Hegglun

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