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Tommy Cynical believes in nothing,
And nothing is his only friend;
He leaves the chicken and he eats the stuffing,
‘Cause stuffing leaves nothing at the end.
People say to him, believe in something,
Money or god, they recommend;
But Tommy god is an empty dumpling,
And money is too easy to spend.

Turn around Tommy, it’s useless to pretend,
The way you’re heading leads nowhere in the end.

Often Tommy cries, what’s it all about?
But poor Tommy get’s no relief,
He’s trapped inside his heart and no way out,
Without a goal time is a thief;
And the best he can do is wonder on,
Hoping nothing brings more grief,
And gives him nothing more to ponder on
He watches in fear of belief.

Turn around Tommy you can turn a new leaf,
Before your leaky boat breaks on the reef.

We hope he finds something worth believing,
Something that his heart belongs to;
For without love it’s not worth achieving,
Loving nothing is hard to do.
Tommy needs to love to open his heart,
To the freedom he never knew;
Then he can believe and make a new start,
With no cynical point of view.

Turn around Tommy, it’s up to you,
To belief in what you know is true,
Turn around Tommy it’s up to you,
To belief what you know is true.

Dave Hegglun

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